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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A personal invitation from Audrina,

Hello Dear Author,

I finally have setup my personal little world, my blog:

I  would like to personally invite you to write a blog about anything you desire not more than 3 pages. 
You may write about being an author  and a mom, or a how to blog, share your recipes or working
 out while writing. Featuring unlimited  blog themes  from personal  views to professional it's  your choice. 
Best of all get Super Exposure!

If you don't have a blog, I'll interview you.

Blog length:   not less than one page, not more than 3 pages.

Interviews:   1 page not more than two pages.

Book cover:  jpeg only standard size.

Free Read  1,800 words any theme.

Please submit fully edited material,  I will not edit for you but I will publish as is.  

Forward this email to everyone you know, spread the word around.

Coming soon,  reviews, contest and Free reads. 

Get Super Exposure, the same blog contributed to mine will be republished in:

Redz World,  Ashley Marie Lucas,  Brianna Martini, Kristal McKerrington, XoXo Publishing Blog,
four  other blogs and FB with over 35,000 friends on our list combined. Anyone 
interested in blog, FB  or Yahoo Group  mega swap please email me. 

Interested please do drop me a line:

Have a wonderful writing Wednesday,


  1. Well, glad to see you here.
    Will check in daily to see what's happening.

    Check my blog @ A Soldier's Tales

  2. All things books: Kristal's Wrestling and Martial Arts Fiction Is Here