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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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Archer thought he'd have the fairytale life with the man of his dreams, until those dreams were torn from him by hateful words and a heart that didn't have ... My Halloween Themed All things Readers Blog.

Talking Two Lips Repeats

Back List Friday's Promo is back.

Date: Nov 18

Time:   All Day


Every author participating must give away one gift of the author’s choice to a reader.

Promo companies welcome but the same rule applies.  

Chocolate for Me and You 
a bi monthly series starting in Feb 2012

Series editor is Brianna Martini and Penny Adams

Chocolate is everything in life...
Imagine ... delicious chocolate engulfing our senses, our mind, and body...Chocolate sensual love stories. 
Paint him with chocolate, 
drink chocolate 
it's everything and anything chocolate...

Full length novels and novellas only.
New and published authors are welcome. 
Advances plus standard royalties.
In house promotions and more. 

For submission guidelines please email Brianna at

Coming next week Interviews, contest and more.

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